Value Builder Score


“The Value Builder Score is a system that is designed to baseline the sellability of your business and teach you to understand what drives the value of your business.”

The Value Builder Score is a crucial component of the Value Builder assessment, developed by John Warrillow in connection with his widely acclaimed book, “Built to Sell.” This assessment centers around 8 Key Drivers, which extensive research has demonstrated to significantly impact a business’s value when it comes time to sell. In a comprehensive study encompassing over 30,000 businesses, it was revealed that those achieving a score of 80 or higher, or making improvements to reach that level, ended up selling their businesses at a remarkable 71% premium compared to businesses with average scores.

Understanding your Value Builder Score empowers business owners to:

  • Strategically design their businesses to surpass industry peers in terms of value.
  • Uncover hidden assets that contribute to increasing the overall value of their businesses.
  • Identify and address the subtle factors that can erode the value of their businesses.

After your purchase, we will contact you to guide you on how to complete your value builder assessment to receive your score.

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