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We Guide You on Selling or Acquiring a New Law Firm

Stream Our New Podcast

We Guide You on Selling or Acquiring a New Law Firm


Frustrated with your law firm?

Like you may need to close your business?

Like you are doing all the work but not getting anywhere?

Emotionally at your breaking point and ready to get off the treadmill?

Like finding new options that you don't have to build to grow?

Like you want to expand exponentially right now by buying another law firm?

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What Others Are Saying

As a fellow business owner, I know Victoria on a deep personal and professional level through years spent in various coaching and mastermind groups together. She is a true powerhouse and leader and her energy and drive are contagious. I appreciate that she is purposeful and genuine in all that she does—not just in growing her multiple businesses, but also in her commitment to prioritize family and personal goals.


Jackie Bedard
Lawyer in North Carolina

I have worked with Victoria professionally for 10 years, in coaching sessions, mastermind groups, and as a fellow business owner. Victoria is a leader who excels in all she does and is admired across the country. Her business experience, combined with her knack for thinking outside the box, make her a powerful ally if you are looking for ways to work smarter rather than harder. She is perhaps the most intentional person I know, and I value her wisdom and insight.


Nathan Ziegler
Lawyer in Texas

…Something that has always stood out to me is how quickly Victoria takes action when she sets a new goal or sees an opportunity. While most people are still wondering if they should pursue the goal or spending time analyzing the opportunity, she jumps in and gets going. She will have either determined the project wasn’t worth it, modified the goal or be farther along the path to accomplishment when most people are still wondering if they should even start. If you are someone who tends to “overthink” things or suffers from paralysis by analysis, Victoria would be a good addition to your team to help you get kick started and take action.


Michael Brumbaugh
Lawyer in Ohio

…Coupled with her excellent and adaptable communication skills, that ability becomes an incredible beacon of guidance in growth for others. Relentless trailblazer. That’s the phrase that comes to mind when I consider Victoria’s personal and business life. If you want to expand your life with your business in a way that amplifies and leverages what you’ve already built by adding new frontiers of opportunity to your existing firm or positioning your firm to sell at its highest value… those are Victoria’s wheelhouses.


Beckie Pettis
Lawyer in Washington & Oregon

Victoria was amazing! She is approachable, responsive, and kept me on track to meet my goals. Our discussions were so productive, and her approach was completely customizable to me. Through her guidance and direction, I was able to make some major changes, improve processes and reduce costs to increase profitability by 15%. Above all, she helped me to realize my goal to transition out of the practice of law, sell the firm for more than anticipated, and a writing, speaking, and consulting business. I highly recommend Victoria for any entrepreneur who wants to take their career to the next level.


Crystal Banse

Victoria clearly knows law firm growth and scaling, having done it herself and having even positioned her firm for a lucrative sale.  She (gently) requires you to extract key data from your firm and then shines her light on it in ways that bring incredibly helpful insight to you as the firm owner.  She sees it in ways that you have not and can quickly pinpoint where your firm is thriving, where the gaps are, and where your work is to close the gaps  I highly recommend Victoria to any law firm owner that wants to uplevel their firm and possibly (or definitely) even sell it one day.

Eileen A. Maastricht, Esq., RN.

Maastricht Law Offices

One of the best decisions I made was not sticking with the original valuation given to my firm by a broker, who just looked at my net income.

After being assessed by Victoria’s team and taking a closer look at the ASSETS  I built on the Asset Ladder, I realized how much more my firm was worth; I am now enjoying my retirement and free time.


Debbie Robinson

Estate Planning Law Firm

Before Victoria and I started working together, my firm was not in a good financial position following the initial year of the pandemic. I wasn’t even sure my firm would survive. I didn’t know where to start. I had taken a cut in pay during 2020 and I already felt I wasn’t making enough money before the pay cut…I was terrified that I had wasted 11 years of my life building a business that wouldn’t pay me back. I felt I was failing my team and my family…

Now I know those goals are not only achievable, but I’m increasing my goals going forward so that by 2022, my income as the business owner, will have grown by a minimum of 50%.  It is important to note that I have not raised my clients costs.  My firm is doing much more with the same staff by working smarter!

Victoria has skillfully and compassionately guided me through how to become the CEO and to capture the key metrics to make sound decisions as CEO.

Julie Low

On Our Online Programs: 

The motivation to hire employees was my biggest mindset block going into this program, but I’ve become more comfortable with it throughout our sessions, and the bonus of the Admin Bootcamp was such a nice surprise to really jump in on the team mentality that I shunned for so long.

Heather Harmon Kennedy

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