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Episode 1

Is Selling a Law Firm a Real Thing?

Episode 2

What Are the First Steps in Selling a
Law Firm?

Episode 3

Show Me The Money: How Much Can You Really Expect To Get For Your Law Firm

Episode 4

Buyers, Buyers, Buyers: Finding
Your Match

Episode 5

Expanding Through Acquisition with Law Firm Owner, Jonathan Sparks

Episode 6

Value Versus Sellability: What’s the Difference?

Episode 7

So Close, Yet So Far: When Your Law Firm Sale Falls Through

Episode 8

Goodwill: What Is it and Can I Sell It?

Episode 9

Beating the Odds Pt 1: What a Kentucky Derby Champion Can Teach You About Selling Your Law Firm

Episode 10

Beating The Odds Pt 2: What Can You Do to Increase the Odds of Selling Your
Law Firm?

Episode 11

Cut the Cord Already – 3 Ways to Decrease Dependency on the Owner

Episode 12

Not Enough Time? Stop Selling It!

Episode 13

What Do You Value? Value Billing v. Hourly Rate Billing

Episode 14

When Valuing Your Law Firm, Do You Trust Your Gut?

Episode 15

Should You Change the Name of
Your Law Firm?

Episode 16

Why Would You Buy a Law Firm

Episode 17

Independence – What Does it Mean for You and Your Law Firm

Episode 18

The Law Firm Dream Team – Do You Have One and Can You Sell One?

Episode 19

You Have to Go to Know – What Happens When You Put Your Team to the Test?

Episode 20

Juggling Multiple Offers

Episode 21

Solo by Choice: Interview with Attorney Author Carolyn Elefant

Episode 22

What is a Solo to Do: Can a Sole Practitioner Sell Their Law Firm?

Episode 23

Resistance When Selling or Scaling a Law Firm with Millionaire Mindset Business Coach David Neagle

Episode 24

Are you Ready? Really Really Ready to Sell Your Law Firm

Episode 25

Chris White

Episode 26

Mass Marketing for Massive Value with Jordan Ostroff of LegalEase Marketing and Jordan Law

Episode 27

The Importance of Building the Right Team with Molly McGrath

Episode 28

What Will it Take for You to Act? Are You Living the Life You Want?

Episode 29

Non-Lawyers Owning Law Firms – WHAT? with Attorney Lynda Shely

Episode 30

NDAs and Why You Must Have One

Episode 31

Digitization of Law With Attorney Dave Zumpano and Guy Reymon

Episode 32

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – The Broker

Episode 33

Due Diligence on Buyers

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LegalEase Marketing

Of course, we’d love a step-by-step game plan for everything life throws at us, but sometimes there isn’t just one way to solve or attack a problem. However, on this week’s episode of Exhibit (A)ttorney, Victoria Collier gives us tips and mistakes to avoid headaches later.

Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast

Victoria Collier coaches attorneys on positioning their firms for sale so they can step into their true purpose or pursue another passion. Listen as she shares with us:
The 7 most important steps to take when preparing your firm for sale
What buyers want to see—the assets that make your firm highly marketable
Ego, imposter syndrome, insecurities…how to step around the hurdles that keep you from getting to your next place of passion, once you sell your firm
And much more…
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